Why Parkinson’s Patients Use Marijuana 

About 1 in 5 Parkinson’s patients have used cannabis to help with relief and is one of the main reasons for this. Those respondents that used this said that they got better pain relief, while others usually use this to help with reducing the absolute need for medications. A study that was done in 2013 showed that there were people questioned on different alternative methods, and while less than 5% said they used marijuana, it’s become much larger. 

That’s because it’s become more used, and more and more younger people have used this, since they know that it can work. For those with Parkinson’s, it’s been reported that it helps with muscle cramps, aiding with pain relief. It also can help with stiffness, tremors, depression, restless legs, and anxiety. The tolerability was good for most of them, and a lot of them will use CBD-focused types of marijuana, and it can offer better means to reduce stiffness in the body, and akinesia too. 

Clinical Evidence 

There was research done on this in Tel Aviv, and it was found that 22 of them were evaluated before they smoked. It was then found that there was an improvement in the tremors, along with the rigidly that comes with it, along with the movement that slows down due to Parkinson’s disease. It also should be noted that the patients also had better sleep and pain tolerance. It also was found that they had better motor functions, a decrease in their pain, and they were able to have better quality of life due to this. 

The information Gap 

A study that was done on Parkinson’s also found that a lot of them had a different pattern of usage that worked with this. Due to the legalization though, and the different insights that came from this, one might assume that those who have Parkinson’s may choose medical marijuana after a bit because there has been ample information on the subject. 

However, some people were only convinced after learning from the internet, then friend advice, the dispensary workers, and of course, other patients that have this, and it was found that through this information, they were able to get an idea of what their treatment would be like. It also was found that there were physicians asked about how they could get medical cannabis, but not many people know about this, and a lot of them do end up getting acclimated with a formal education in med school on this. 

However, right now only about `0% of doctors will recommend this, but those who have patients that use it do report that quite a few people are happy with their treatment. Based on this, it’s quite obvious that there is one thing for sure, and that is that the use of medical cannabis to treat this is becoming more and more prevalent within the population and the medical community. If you have Parkinson’s, or you want to start on a medical cannabis treatment, the best thing to at this point is to consult a doctor on the types of different ways or you to get started with this. 

If you do have Parkinson’s, and you would like to see if medical marijuana is good for you, then by all means, do so. There are a ton of different health and wellness benefits that come with consuming this, especially for patients of this condition. While there is still a bit of concern over use, it’s becoming more and more widespread over time, and with the way things are going with legalization too.