Weed Delivery – Open Up Pothead

Have you ever been chilling at home and wish that you could have your weed delivered to you? We live in a very modern time where we can get pretty much anything we want to be delivered right to our door. In fact, now that the pandemic has made its way across our nation over the last year or two, we can stay in our homes for way longer than we ever thought possible, thanks to good old-fashioned delivery. However, delivering weed is something completely different entirely. The hardest part about the cannabis industry is accessibility. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, medical marijuana (and recreational marijuana as well) is very limited from state to state and some programs are way stricter than others.

One can imagine that it is not always easy to come across dispensaries in your local area or community. Sometimes, medical marijuana patients will have to drive way out of there way to find a dispensary that can supply them for the month. People that are currently living in more rural areas are undoubtedly getting hit the hardest by this. Not to mention, when patients cannot access their medical marijuana by being able to drive or get a ride to the dispensary, they have to rely on a designated caregiver. Getting someone validated as your designated caregiver is actually a completely different, but equally strenuous process than getting your actual medical marijuana card.

Some people who do not have a caregiver or means to get to the dispensary are calling for a third-party delivery system with which they can get their weed from. However, dispensaries are up in arms about this whole thing because they don’t want other organizations or companies taking advantage of the lucrative cannabis system. It seems that the weed community is at an impasse and are willing to fight in court about such matters.

A few years ago, our very own state of Massachusetts approved the final regulations needed to get third-party delivery services up and running for the medical marijuana industry. Who would have thought that they would be the first? My money would have been on Washington or Colorado. In order to become a marijuana delivery service, a company must first apply for a business license and meet the regulatory requirements in order to actually go to work. So what does it look like on the ground level?

Well, I can imagine that this system will work similarly to how other delivery apps and services work. Of course, the person who orders the weed needs to be able to prove themselves as over 21 years old by providing some form of government issued ID, and medical marijuana patients would also need to show proof that they are registered for their cannabis by the state of Massachusetts.

Currently, patients in the state of Massachusetts can order up to 10 ounces of cannabis in their home, and dispensaries are only allowed to sell up to one ounce or five grams of marijuana concentrate in a single transaction. This means that you cannot walk into any dispensary and decide to buy the place out. You simply cannot buy that much weed at one time.

However, it is also important to note that there are certain level caps on concentrates and THC levels in marijuana products as well, meaning that you are limited in the amount of THC you can smoke in one sitting. To be honest, I do not think that these rules are too bad of a thing. After all, we want people to be safe with their cannabis and all of that good stuff.