Cannabis Flower 101

Marijuana has many different names, with the most common being known as cannabis flower.  What is it though? It’s essentially dried flower of the bud of the cannabis plant. It has to be a female part of this. This one has a wide variety of cannabinoids, which crate the effects, both psychoactive and otherwise. There are terpenes, trichomes, and other aromas that are found in this, and usually, it’s dried, then cured, and then, they make it for sale at the local dispensary. 

Types of flower. 

There are many defend types of flower, but there are different kinds with similar properties. First, there is loose flower, which is just the flower bud in it of itself. It also is premium, which is the nugget shape of the cannabis, where it is dense and full, and usually is very rich in terpenes and trichomes, along with nutrients and flavors too. It’s usually the most expensive kinds of flowers. Popcorn is known for being small little kernels, and usually it doesn’t have the nutrients that the other types of cannabis plants have. Usually, they are cheaper, but they aren’t as flavorful as the regular flower, but they’re good for those on a budget. There is also the shake, and usually those are both premium with popcorn, and it can be different plants all put together, or used in concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls. Every type of these can be either indica, sativa, or even hybrid, making it easy to find the ones that you want to get. 

What to use for Flower 

When you buy flower, you want to get it from a dispensary that’ll help you get the right flower and the right tools of the trade, while also answering questions. Once answered, they’ll give you the flower, and a way to smoke this. Most of them will give you a feel for the effects, but remember everyone will react defiantly, so take it slow. Once you choose what kind of flower you want, you can then choose the consumption method. This is good for those who want to really get the effects. One of the easiest is of course, vaping, which is something that lets you put the flower into there, and then they do all of the work. 

You may need a grinder as well. This lets you break the flower into pieces that are tinier, which keeps your fingers from having a stickiness to them, and also helps with easier smoking too. While some may choose to use anything other than grinders, this is usually what beginners enjoy. There is also a glass pipe, papers, a water pipe, and filters.  Glass pipes are small, convenient ways for you to smoke, and they come in a variety of styles. Every single one of them has one side packed, and then, you inhale and hold onto the smoke from the other side of it. There is also water pipes, also called bongs, that use water to inhale smoke, and it can be good to prevent inhalation of ash. 

Finally, you’ve got the joints, papers and filters, and these of course involve you rolling them. There are different kinds of joints too, pre-rolls, and then those with papers and flowers, and of course you’ve got to do it yourself. If you want to use this, you can talk to someone to help you figure out just what kinds of cannabis flower you want, and what will be fitting for you to use, and also that is simple for you to consume and have as well as a daily measure too.