Is there a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis 

Colorado and Washington were two of the first to legalize marijuana for use recreationally, and with more and more states using this, you may wonder if there is a difference. Recreational marijuana is where you use marijuana so long as you’re an adult, and you get it from a licensed kind of dispensary. Medical usually is only for those who have a medical card, and it does require an appointment to establish the conditions too in order to get this. 

State Programs 

Usually, this is done in some cases because there are different benefits. Recreational usually is separate from medical too. Medical however doesn’t come with as high of a sales tax compared to recreational.  Medical does have a tax to it, but it’s much less, sometimes none at all. Medical-only dispensaries also exist too, and usually these are those that only medical patients can use, and they offer more offerings to those who want to use it. There are also differences in age restrictions too.

Recreational has to be over 21, but in some states, the under-21s usually use products for some conditions, with the help of the staff to assist you as a medical patient. So yes, there are some ways that these differ, and there are a lot of people who are really looking to ensure that they get the most out of their experience. If you’re looking to see whether or not you will be able to, with this, get the cannabis that you need, you can talk to your doctor, or also do some research on the strain. 

Having it recreationally doesn’t mean a limited menu either. While some states are still getting a bit more forward with this, such as they’re actually trying to get more diverse types of cannabis, usually, the medical and recreational options are rowing as well. The rules of each of these do vary by state, since there are some considerations for each of them. For example, when New York announced they were legalizing it recreationally, there are those that thought that the process would begin immediately. 

However, it does take time for it to be fully integrated. Illinois for example, put it in quite eerily, but there were lines that went for hours and hours, and sometimes they’d run out before they could handle all customers. With that said though, there are a lot of different ways for you to get medical and recreational cannabis, and if you’re someone that wants to do this, then you can talk to your doctor, or go into a recreational dispensary. 

Recreational cannabis does have similar potency, but they also may have different strains, with some of them being available with e medical card. If possible, if you want to have access to a bunch of different kinds of means to ensure that you’re getting the right type of cannabis that you want to get. There are many different dispensaries to choose from, and there are a lot of different ways that you can do it. But do remember that this is a schedule I drug too, so it will not be federally approved. 

A lot of the cannabis products are also regulated by the state, even the recreational one, so remember that if you’re going to be having this, and make sure that if you are using this, you consume the cannabis that’s there legally, and also responsibly as well, especially if you’re planning to use this recreationally in a state that’s legal, or even as a way to help offset a lot of the problems that you might have. 

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