About one in five Americans suffer from chronic pain. While research is limited, there are different forms of cannabis which can treat various symptoms and prevent conditions.  Between the beginning of the war on drugs and now, there have been different ways for cannabis to treat different sorts of conditions, and they were regarded as just stoners. 

Those who use cannabis as a stoner or just for medical reasons do get hit with the same judgement, and those that aren’t in the field may also be misinformed on cannabis, and they may reject the claims that there are healing properties of such. But despite the resistance, it’s slowly getting used for treating pain and other conditions in adults, and it is helpful for those who want to be used to help with pain relief and treatment 

How it helps 

It is useful in reducing pain. Studies show that within the last decade or so, those THC products that have a high amount of CBD to them do help with back and nerve pain, muscle spasms, pain from injuries, and inflammation. Cannabis might also increase tolerance to the different pain you have and reduce dependance on painkillers. If we can understand and get this power put in place, it could treat chronic pain, which is prevalent among people, and offer a healthier alternative to opioids, which is actually a very addictive compound. 

THC For Pain reduction 

Marijuana is considered an analgesic, but there is some proof to that. There are some studies that have found it’s as effective as codeine is when treating pain, but there is more compelling evidence that touts that it reduces pain, especially when you look at the other symptoms related to pain.For example, those who have fibromyalgia, or even rheumatoid arthritis, found that they had less intensity of pain when they were treated with cannabis. 

Some may also find that they have an increase in well-being too, which is related to the pain reduction, and the pain intensity that is there too. It’s not clear whether it’s done directly, or because of the anxiety and depression reducing, you’re able to have less pain because of it. But for those who do suffer from chronic pain, being able to get more sleep, and being in a better mood while also having pain relief is definitely the best solution for managing these kinds of pains. 

Cannabis for Pain 

Those who live on needles and pins may feel better, but it’s exhausting too in order to do that a lot. The problem with neuropathic pain is sometimes it can actually cause problems with your PNS or the CNS, not both, and sometimes, you may feel both increased and decreased sensation, or none at all. Marijuana may be able to help with this, since it does interact with the opioid, serotonin, and cannabinoid receptors in order to create analgesic effects to help with pain, and they may also reduce nerve pain too. There are also treatments for muscle spasms too, since it does interact directly with those receptors, helping to reduce stiffness, and offer more mobility for those who need it. 

Those living with MS may consider using marijuana for this, since it does create less side effects for this too. Overall, there is a chance that it can help with different inflammation and other conditions as well, from arthritis to Chron’s disease, and it may offer an alternative so that you’re not sitting there using prescription meds to help with the symptoms, and you’ll be able to relax as well.